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Our Approach

Agile Methodology to Build Software

VVV Infotech has been developing software since 2011. Over the years we have learned that process and people are the key factors in developing quality software. Technologies, frameworks, languages, and platforms come and go, but the challenges of stitching them together remain. Without good people using good processes quality software development is not possible. At VVV we always follow Agile methodology software development practices. It enables us to leverage best practices and approaches that have been fine-tuned over the years and has the flexibility to be tailored according to the project and customer’s requirements. We have successfully delivered hundreds of applications and systems on time and on a budget for large, small and start-up companies across a vast array of industry sectors.

What makes Agile development so successful?


You can’t know exactly what you want the solution to be at the outset of a project. Our approach embraces this fact and facilitates the need to do continual prioritization and planning with both the business user and the developers in concert. We steer to the end goal in a very iterative way.



Our engineering roots have driven us to ensure that everything we build works upon launch and continues to work the way it is supposed to. We are relentless about quality through the entire engagement. Over 95% of all software we’ve built is in production today and working the way we promised the client it would.



We start every project with a Roadmap to plan out the work – the right work according to the business priorities. We augment this planning effort by quickly building prototypes of the alternatives to determine what is viable. By doing this, we know where we can be successful, and where the risks lie, before we start.


Knowledge Transfer

Our processes are designed so that our customers are able to independently manage ongoing development and maintenance of the solution. Knowledge transfer is most effective when it is done incrementally through the life of the project. Our goal is to engage our customers in architectural, design and operational discussions and decisions so knowledge transfer is a continuous activity.


Quality Assurance

Testing is central to the way we develop software.For us, testing encompasses the entire software development lifecycle, not just at major milestones. By designing code to be testable, and by making testing an integral part of the development process, code quality is dramatically improved and flexibility is enhanced. The result is code that is delivered production ready, meets specification and is easy to maintain and develop further.